Employer Health & Safety, Disability Assessment & Treatment Services

We assist employers to identify solutions to health related problems within their workplaces and provide OT Assessment and Treatment services for customers operating under the NDIS.


Workplace Health
and Safety

We specialise in risk management and injury prevention for organisations across industries. Our return to work management services keep you productive while efficiently caring for your team.


NDIS Assessments
& Support

Our experienced occupational therapists can provide Functional Capacity Assessments as part of your NDIS requirements. We also conduct a number of other OT assessments and provide Treatment Services to meet your needs.

Why Choose EDHS?


Workplace injuries cost businesses $62 billion in lost productivity each year

For every $1 invested in early intervention after an injury, the ROI is $7

The EDHS team has over 30 years of experience and industry expertise

We have helped hundreds of businesses and individuals stay safe and healthy

You get fast, reliable service, streamlined communication, and peace of mind

Since 2016, we have helped countless businesses and people stay safe and healthy. See how we can help you.

Our Workplace Health & Safety Specialists

Our Workplace Health & Safety Specialists

The EDHS team is passionate about keeping you and your team safe. We have the knowledge and experience to guide you through everything from claims paperwork to NDIS assessments.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a risk assessment?

A risk assessment is an important way to proactively manage and mitigate the risks present in your workplace. It involves the identification, evaluation, and mitigation of hazards that employees may face.

A thorough risk assessment should include not only what risks are present, but how they are controlled for. Employers should conduct risk assessments for their workplace on a regular basis to maintain health and safety.

What is workplace health and safety?

Workplace health and safety is the critical process of managing risks in your workplace. This involves mitigating anything that could potentially harm your staff, customers, visitors, or vendors.

Managing workplace health and safety may mean investing in things like safety equipment, proper signage, or staff training. You’ll want to keep your facilities clean and implement appropriate policies and procedures to protect all who work for you or with you.

How to do a risk assessment?

To conduct a risk assessment in your workplace, first start by identifying all the potential hazards someone may be exposed to. You may start by walking through your worksite and off-site locations. You may want to review policies and procedures. Talk with employees and relevant unions for their feedback. Some companies even work with a professional to identify hazards that they may overlook.

From here, assess the risk that each hazard poses and its implications. Then, develop plans to mitigate those risks through things like safety training, equipment, or control measures. Repeat this process regularly to keep your workplace safe.

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