NDIS OT Assessments

Functional Assessments for Daily Life

An occupational therapy (OT) assessment is a key part of any National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) Plan. In these assessments, an occupational therapist will work to understand the unique situation, set goals, identify challenges, and recommend solutions.

Employer & Disability Health Solutions has a team of expert occupational therapists that can provide Functional Capacity Assessments, along with others, for NDIS Plan and self-managed clients.

During a Functional Assessment, the occupational therapist will work with the injured party to evaluate key areas of their life and if and how they can be improved. For example, the therapist may explore how difficult it is for the individual to get out of bed in the morning or their level of pain while performing job duties. If particular areas pose difficulty, the therapist can make recommendations for services or equipment.

Our team of occupational therapists are experienced in making aspects of daily life easier and more accessible to NDIS clients.

If you want more information on our NDIS OT Assessments please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on (03) 5000 1882.