Injury – Return To Work

Guidance and Care you can Trust

Despite our best efforts, sometimes injuries do occur. Whether your employee is injured on site or out of the workplace, Employer & Disability Health Solutions can help you navigate their return to work process with ease.

The estimated yearly costs of workplace injuries is over $60 billion. Aside from financial costs, injuries can be scary for the employee and overwhelming for the company to manage. We specialise in cost effective injury, claims, and return to work guidance. Our goal is to facilitate recovery for your employee while maintaining your productivity and minimising workers compensation costs.

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Medical Representation

An Employer & Disability Health Solutions’ team member advocates on behalf of you and your employee at all medical appointments to ensure:

  • Access to the most appropriate treatment for recovery and return to work
  • The most appropriate medication to facilitate recovery and return to work
  • Accurate communication between all parties
  • Accurate and timely completion of paperwork, including Certificate of Capacity and representation of medical restrictions
  • Transparency and cooperation


Early Intervention

Research has shown that early intervention decreases sick leave and increases the likelihood of a successful return to work. Employer & Disability Health Solutions acts quickly on your behalf to complete claims, secure referrals, and start the recovery process. This is not only cost effective, but can have your employee safely back in the workplace faster.


Return to Work Management

While you focus on your business, Employer & Disability Health Solutions will manage the entire return to work process from beginning to end. This includes:

Assisting with claim forms and necessary paperwork
Identifying suitable duties
Preparing Return to Work Plans
Communicating expectations to all stakeholders
Negotiating outcomes
Liaising with insurers and medical personnel


Local Support

Employer & Disability Health Solutions is proud to serve communities throughout Victoria and New South Wales. Our location allows us to be more accessible to you and your employees for medical appointments, guidance, or other support.

We have developed strong relationships with local providers that we use to make the return to work process smooth and seamless for your business.


Client Advocacy

Case Managers are often managing countless claims at a time which may prevent them from giving each injured worker the full attention they need. Employer & Disability Health Solutions acts as an advocate for you and your employee so they get the care they deserve.

As a liaison between parties, we facilitate effective communication and act as a hand-on knowledgeable resource to drive results.


Streamlined Communication

Injured worker claims are a complicated process. Between paperwork, treatment, and insurance regulations, it can be confusing even in the best of cases. The high turnover rate in occupational rehabilitation and workcover insurance does not help matters in the least.

Employer & Disability Health Solutions simplifies this process by providing a singular point of contact for your claim. Regardless of case manager or consultant personnel changes, your representative at Employer & Disability Health Solutions remains the same throughout. This saves time, headache, and miscommunication.


Custom Solutions

Each business is unique and appropriate return to work plans for injured employees will vary based on facility layout, systems and processes, and other considerations. Given all these variables, it can be difficult for a rehabilitation provider to design a return to work plan that addresses everything.

Employer & Disability Health Solutions takes the time to become familiar with your workplace and it’s unique needs. We work with the rehabilitation provider to develop return to work plans that address all aspects and minimise associated costs.



A workplace injury can have big impacts on your business and your employees. Beyond just the financial implications, an injury can make your employee feel overwhelmed, confused, or worried.

Reassure them by appointing Employer & Disability  Health Solutions as their Return to Work Coordinator. We’ll seamlessly guide them through the process and they can feel confident in our knowledge and experience.


Cost reduction

Don’t let cost keep you from getting the help you need to bring your employees back to work. Employer & Disability Health Solutions provides a reliable, cost-effective way to navigate the process.

Our costs are not premium sensitive so there is no “premium shock”
Our services get employees back to work faster, resulting in lower claims costs and reduced premiums
Early return to work implementation reduces the likelihood of needing to employ additional labour
Our expertise helps you avoid wasting resources on ineffective services and medications

If you want more information on Injury – Return to Work  please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on (03) 5000 1882.

Did you know?

The estimated costs of a workplace injury including direct costs (payment of wages and medical costs) and indirect costs (lost productivity, loss of future earnings and social welfare payments) in 2008/09 was:

If a worker has an accepted claim for an injury at a workplace they have:

Total Estimated cost: $60.6 billion

Total estimated cost borne by workers: 74%

Total estimated cost borne by community: 21%

Total estimated cost borne by community: 5%

82711 workers were supported with treatment and/or weekly benefits

6.27 claims per every million hours worked

14.3% of new claims in 2019-20 were mental injury claims which was up 14% in 2018-19 and 12.6% in 2017-18

There were 27,686 new claims lodged which is the highest number of claims over the past five years

12,990 injured workers were assisted back to work

2044 injured workers commenced or enrolled in a form of retraining

The right to compensation via wages at the rate of 95% of their pre-injury weekly earnings for the first 13 weeks

The right to treatment including medical and allied health services

A potential entitlement to assistance in the home (if required)

A potential entitlement to legal assistance (if required)

The choice of occupational rehabilitation provider in the event that the workers compensation insurer requires assistance in managing the return to work process

4077 claim interventions were required by the Return to Work Inspectorate in 2020 which was up from 2738 in 2018-19

1763 RTW Inspectorate visits occurred

445 improvement notices were issued from the RTW Inspectorate

More than 11000 injured workers received support from Occupational Rehabilitation services in 2019-20

Only 73.93% of workers returned to work after injury within 6 months

45.89% of workers were still receiving weekly benefits at the 13 week mark of their claim