Pre Employment Medical

Pre Employment Medical

Our ‘Pre Employment Medical’ or ‘Fit for Work Assessments’ are essential when hiring employees to make sure that they are physically and mentally capable of undergoing tasks suitable to their potential role in your organisation. These Fit for Work Assessments are a key part of any hiring process to avoid any future workplace injuries or liabilities. Hire with confidence by getting in touch with our expert team to organise a Free 30 Minute Consultation in regards to Pre Employment Medical Tests for your company today!

What is a Pre Employment Medical Test?

Pre employment medical tests, also known as Fit for Work Assessments, are a form of proactive injury prevention for the workplace. Even before safety training and protective equipment, the first step towards a safer workplace is a safe team.

Fit for work assessments ensure that the person you hire is able to meet the demands of the role, both physically and mentally. In the pre-employment medical assessment, our team of trained occupational therapists evaluates movements like lifting capacity, carrying abilities, or musculoskeletal capabilities.

By testing these things proactively, you can prevent workplace injuries and accidents and their consequences. For example, did you know that you have a 52-week obligation to provide work to an injured employee? This is just one of many responsibilities that come into play when an injury occurs.

Mitigate this risk at the source with pre employment medical testing to make sure employees can safely perform all their job duties. A simple assessment can protect your organisation and set your team up for success.

What Is Involved in a Pre Employment Medical Test?

Employer Health Solutions’ Pre-Employment Fit for Work Assessments involve a three staged approach.

  • Role Demands Analysis: Through a Role Demands Analysis, we work to understand the unique physical demands of the role. This may include identifying physical demands of the role such as: lifting requirements, grip strength or standing and walking expectations. A thorough analysis only needs to be completed once, and will be occasionally reviewed when job demands change or new equipment related to the role are installed. The information from a Role Demands Analysis are used for pre-employment Fit4Work Assessments, in position descriptions, or as part of a job dictionary or suitable duties register.
  • Functional Assessment Template: After completing a Role Demands Analysis, we use that information to create a Functional Assessment Template. The template outlines which activities and evaluations will be used to simulate the physical demands of the role. It provides a framework against which employees can be screened and approved for work. A Functional Assessment Template may include:
      • Medical history – mandatory
      • Blood pressure – mandatory
      • Constant heart rate monitoring – mandatory
      • Three-minute step test – tests cardiovascular endurance
      • Musculoskeletal evaluation – tests flexion, extension, balance, etc.
      • Simulated lifting tasks – tests lifting limits
      • Carrying tasks – to test carrying limits
      • Push/pull tasks – tests pushing and pulling abilities
      • Ladder climbing tasks – tests climbing abilities
      • Dexterity evaluation – tests fine motor control
      • Vision and hearing screenings – tests for potential deficiencies or needed accommodations

Fit for Work Assessment: The final stage is to use the Functional Assessment Template to conduct the actual Fit for Work Assessment. Through the evaluation activities outlined, we will determine if your employee is physically able to perform the duties of their role. A typical assessment will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete at an Employer Health Solutions office.

Do Pre Employment Medicals Include Drug Testing?

Pre-employment medical assessments can include a number of evaluations that are customised to the needs of your workplace. However, drug and alcohol testing is not part of a typical pre-employment medical assessment.

Fit for work assessments focus primarily on the physical capabilities of a worker with respect to the job duties. Drug and alcohol testing are a separate, but equally important, part of the hiring process.

EDHS offers drug and alcohol testing and guidance in addition to our pre employment medical assessments. Learn more about these services here.

How Long Do Pre Employment Medical Results Take?

Pre employment medical test results are a key part of the hiring decision and we work hard to deliver those results in a timely manner.

Once you have recommended a potential hire for a pre-employment assessment, we can schedule the assessment within one to two business days. The Fit for Work Assessment itself will take approximately an hour and a half to complete at one of our facilities. From there, you can expect results within one to two business days, if not sooner.

Results may be returned faster in special circumstances. Please speak with our team prior to the assessment if you need expedited results.

Who Pays For Pre Employment Medicals?

Pre-employment medical assessments are requested by employers before adding a new member to their team. Therefore, the employer is responsible for the cost of the assessment. Potential employees are able to participate in the necessary fit for work assessments without worrying about the financial implications.

How Much Do They Cost?

Pre-employment medical assessments can vary in cost depending on a few factors. Things like the number of assessments needing to be conducted, the number of roles needing assessments, and the turnaround time all have an impact on pricing.

Talk with EDHS to get more information and a custom quote based on your specific needs.

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