Injury Prevention


Make sure that your staff is in fact your biggest asset with our Pre Employment Medical assessments. These assessments are specifically tailored to evaluate employees with respect to your unique role requirements. We can design and carry out all assessments so you can hire with confidence.

Alcohol and recreational drug use in the workplace presents a serious risk to health, safety, and productivity. We help employers keep their staff and workplace safe with drug and alcohol screening, as well as policy development and guidance to meet Australian standards.

Ergonomics is the process of designing or arranging workplaces, products and systems so that they fit the people who use them. In simple terms, our ergonomic assessments make sure that your products and processes allow your employees to function at their best with minimal risk of injury.

Be proactive to minimise risks from the start with our tailored Manual Handling Training. Our training package empowers your staff to take ownership of their own health, safety, and well being by modeling and reiterating sound manual handling techniques. Through a combination of theory and practice, we can drive meaningful behavioural changes in your staff.

Our Consultants have over 12 years of occupational health and safety experience across a variety of industries. We can offer guidance on key aspects of workplace safety including risk assessments, policy design, audits and worksite inspections. We can also help you design your system in accordance with the Australian Standards for OHS Management Systems. We make it easy to keep your staff safe while meeting your employer obligations.

Occupational deafness is unfortunately common, but it is also preventable. For employees subject to noise above certain thresholds, screening is required at least every two years to mitigate risk. We offer both onsite and offsite hearing screening via our mobile hearing van to keep you compliant with legislation and keep your employees protected.

Vision can be a critical aspect of workplace performance and it’s important to measure your employees visual acuity. Our vision screening services can help identify potential visual deficits or eye disorders that may keep your employees from performing at their best. We screen both onsite and offsite to care for the eyesight of your staff.

Employer & Disability Health Solutions has been serving the communities of Mildura, Shepparton, and beyond for several years. Our team is dedicated to keeping worksites safe and educating organisations on the importance of occupational health and safety.  We advocate for your business while helping you minimise and mitigate risks at every step.

If you want more information on Injury Prevention please don’t hesitate to reach out to us on (03) 5000 1882.