What is an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider and How Does Employer Health Solutions Differ?

Occupational Rehabilitation

An Occupational Rehabilitation Provider, or OR Provider, is an important member of the employee health and recovery team. When it comes to getting injured workers back to work safely, an OR Provider is an asset to the employee and to the employer. 

However, many people are unaware of the services an OR Provider provides or assume that they are synonymous with risk and injury management providers and employer support services. They may all share the goal of helping employees return to work, but there are quite a few differences between these groups. 

Each plays a unique role in the return to work process. Together, they improve the health and safety of workers and the business as a whole. 

What is an Occupational Rehabilitation Provider? 

An OR Provider works with the employer, employee, and the WorkSafe Agent handling the claim. They are experienced health professionals who specialise in helping injured employees return to work safely. 

Once the OR provider receives a referral from the WorkSafe Agent, they will schedule a time to meet with you and your employee to discuss the employee’s return to work. They will likely conduct a workplace assessment to determine what activities are safe for the employee to perform and how to accommodate or modify those that are not. 

The primary role of the OR Provider is to help remove barriers for the employee in the return to work process. They will help all parties understand potential risks and how to minimise those in the workplace. 

As an employer, an OR Provider comes with the added benefit of being a liaison between medical personnel and you. They can facilitate better communication and help you better support your injured worker. 

How does Employer Health Solutions Differ?

A risk and injury management provider like Employer Health Solutions, on the other hand, tends to take more of a proactive role in managing workplace injuries. Through our screenings and pre-employment assessments, we aim to prevent injuries before they have the chance to occur. 

As an employer advocate, Employer Health Solutions acts as an advisor for you before, during, and after an injury may occur. For example, we can help you screen potential new employees to make sure they are physically able to perform the job duties. We can perform proactive risk assessments that identify areas for safety improvement in the workplace. We provide training so that employees are empowered to take safety into their own hands. 

If an injury does occur, we can act as a representative for you saving you time and headache navigating the return to work process. Our priority is to help you support your employees while also maintaining the productivity and success of your business. 

How do they Work Together?

Both an OR Provider and a risk and injury management provider like Employer Health Solutions are necessary for an effective return to work program. They work together with you, your injured worker, and WorkSafe to keep the workplace safer for everyone. 

Ideally, you will be working with Employer Health Solutions long before an injury occurs. With an established relationship, we can ensure that your workplace is as safe as possible and that employees know how to work safely. Even if you haven’t worked with us before, though, don’t hesitate to contact us should an injury occur. 

When an injury occurs, contact us as soon as possible. Studies have shown the value of early intervention in successful return to work scenarios. We’ll provide guidance on what steps come next, one of which will likely be a meeting with an OR provider. 

Our qualified team can act as a medical representative on your behalf at all your employee’s medical appointments to make sure they receive the most appropriate care. We will work closely with the OR provider to determine capacity limitations and what that means for your workplace. 

One of the major benefits this partnership provides is transparency and communication. Between medical lingo, claims paperwork, insurance processes, and return to work strategies, it can all get a bit overwhelming and confusing for an employer. Both an OR provider and Employer Health Solutions work to simplify this. You’ll stay up to date with easily understandable information about your employee’s condition and their return to work. 

Employee health and risk management doesn’t have to be complicated or overwhelming. There are valuable resources in place to help you manage the entire process from beginning to end. Employee Health Solutions is here to be a trusted partner supporting you as you care for your employees.