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Occupational Therapist (Keen for a 4 day week with full time pay?)
Employer & Disability Health Solutions
Shepparton & Goulburn Valley
Healthcare & Medical
Physiotherapy, OT & Rehabilitation
$80,000 – $119,999
Full time

Occupational Therapists (OT) know all too well the importance that Occupation plays in a person’s life but how well do we as OT’s truly adopt those principles. We hear many OT’s are stressed to their eyeballs, working long hours to get that report out, or squeeze that extra client in whilst trying to make ends meet and balance the family work equation. 

At Employer & Disability Health Solutions (EDHS), we recognise that every person has varying life demands and to attract the best talent (besides paying our people well), we as a business must change our thinking and expectations on how “work” is completed. COVID has taught us that there are many ways in which “work” can be done, and our philosophy is that businesses who continue to put the business first will stagnate. Our focus therefore is on the life demands of the people we employ and not the typical spread of hours in which work is done. People in a pre-COVID era required flexibility, but it took a pandemic for businesses (Including ours) to latch onto the concept of what this actually meant. Some people require school hours, others are happy to work a standard 38-hour week and yet again some would prefer to work longer days in return for full pay, but have every Friday off. At EDHS we recognise this and put you in the driver’s seat to determine your own work schedule, one that suits you and your life demands. All options are considered. We truly believe that in the next decade the typical working week will be extinguished and that these “truly” flexible working arrangements will be the future of Occupation and we want to be at the forefront of this movement.

So who are we? We are not an Occ Rehab company! We are all about helping people. We are a small Occupational Therapy (OT) based business in Shepparton and Mildura Victoria who focus on achieving health outcomes for people. This role is based in Shepparton but we believe it can be performed from any of the surrounding towns. We specialise in:

  1. Assisting people to recover from illnesses and injuries by helping them navigate the health system, ensuring that they have access to the best possible treatment at the right time (without those pesky reports that no one reads);
  2. Providing illness and injury prevention services;
  3. Assisting people with a disability identify services that they require to live and work autonomously in the community.

We provide a fun and vibrant work culture for our people with a very attractive remuneration package whilst balancing the work/life equation, allowing you as the expert in your life determine how this work will be completed. 

What are the role requirements?

Every day at EDHS is different but a quick summary of a typical OT day would be:

  • Talking with people who have an injury or disability about their condition(s) and how it impacts on their daily routine;
  • Liaising with our affiliate health partners including General Practitioners, Physiotherapists, Exercise Physiologists, Dieticians etc, to ensure our clients get the right treatment at the right time to maximise their recovery and independence;
  • Identifying solutions to problems to help people with an injury or disability manage in the community;
  • Preparing detailed reports such as Functional Assessment Reports used as a concise “mudmap” to allow other stakeholders to implement your recommendations; 
  • Assisting in the delivery and coordination of a range of corporate training programs;
  • Assisting our customers solve a range of health-related problems impacting their workplaces;
  • Assisting executing our Pre-Employment Screening Services. 

What are the benefits of working at EDHS?

  • We provide the work, you design the schedule on how your work will be done;
  • Family first mentality. Your family should always come first;
  • Fantastic team environment. You’re not just a number in our business;
  • You should never have to work on your birthday. Have your birthday off “on us”. We pay our staff not to be at work on their birthday;
  • Diversity of work tasks – You won’t get bored or find yourself watching the clock until the day is over;
  • Attractive salary including a very achievable incentive program that rewards you for your hard work thus unlocking your earning potential;
  • Provision of state of the art laptop computer, mobile phone and IT infrastructure to make your job as easy as it should be;
  • Small team environment with that personal touch;
  • Ability to make the role your own. We strive to employ people who are willing to innovate and help us be the best that we can be.
  • $5,000 onboarding bonus.

All sounds too good to be true? See for yourself! Call our staff below who can attest to vibrancy of our workplace:

Claire (OT) – 0457 200 858

Sharna (Health Consultant) – 0409 257 024

For more information please contact Travis Kreeck on 0499 774 495 or via email at otherwise click the apply button and we look forward to reviewing your cover letter and CV.

New Grads are welcome to apply

Finders Fee Terms and conditions:

  1. EDHS will pay a finders fee to the first person or company that introduces EDHS to an Occupational Therapist whom we employ. The introduction must be evidenced in writing either by a facebook post, or email and also confirmed by the Occupational Therapist and an EDHS staff member;
  2. The total finders fee is $5,000 less any taxes that may be applicable to the payment;
  3. The finders fee will be paid in two separate instalments of $2,500. The first instalment will be payable on the date that the Occupational Therapist is employed by EDHS. The second instalment will be payable, upon the workers employment proceeding beyond their probation period. (Standard probationary period is six months)